Symptoms of Cushing syndrome

The German Society of Endocrinology said Cushing’s Syndrome is a hormonal disorder caused by the increased secretion of cortisol in the blood, for several reasons, including pituitary tumors or adrenal glands. The symptoms of this syndrome in the face “Badri” and the accumulation of fat around the neck and red lines or purple in the body (especially in the abdomen) and high blood pressure and skin thinning and cracks in the surface of the skin because of rapid expansion and osteoporosis.

Other symptoms include loss of sexual desire, frequent infections, night insomnia, depression, stress, poor concentration and short-term memory. In addition, the syndrome has women’s symptoms of increased body hair growth and menstrual dysfunction.

An endocrine specialist should be consulted immediately after these symptoms are observed to treat the syndrome in a timely manner, which is either by inhibitory drugs to produce cortisol or surgery in pituitary tumors or adrenal hyperplasia. 

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