Symptoms of chickenpox and pregnancy

Chicken pox is a worrisome issue for pregnant women who have not been infected before. Women who have chickenpox are vaccinated against chickenpox, especially if they are infected in childhood, but the exposure of a pregnant woman who has not been infected before depends on the timing of the exposure and how much Period of exposure If you are exposed there are ways to protect you and your child.

What is chickenpox?

Waterpox is a viral disease accompanied by a skin rash that appears in the form of small red spots or blisters that appear after the excessive feeling of skin itching, fever, and pain in the body and usually infected with aloe vera in childhood does not hurt Secondly, if you are pregnant or planning to pregnancyyou should avoid contact And exposure of people with varicose veins, and it can be determined whether or not it was infected in childhood, and conducted the analysis of antibodies to waterpox in the blood, which shows if you have antibodies or not.

Is the fetus at risk?

Your child is at a slight risk of birth defects if you are at risk of developing chickenpox during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Your child may have birth-born birth syndrome, including scars on the skin, damaged limbs, poor vision, muscle and bone dysfunction, and mental retardation.

Your baby may be born with a serious infection if the virus develops only before birth. If you are exposed to chickenpox virus during that period, 20-25 percent of your child is susceptible to waterpox, which poses a health hazard to the child’s life.

What are the treatment options?

If you are not immune to the virus, your doctor may give you an injection of immunosuppressive proteins containing antibodies to the virus. Within four days of exposure to the virus, which can reduce the virus.

The best prevention method is to avoid people infected with chickenpox virus during pregnancy, and when exposed, consult your doctor immediately to reduce the chances of serious complications.

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