Symptoms of bipolar disorder

The symptoms of Bipolar Emotional Disorder (Bipolar Disorder) have been known as bipolar disorder, known as bipolar disorder, a chronic and inherited disorder, characterized by a strange mood swings, as well as mania or alternation of the two in the patient’s life. Without symptoms or accompanied by a number of mild symptoms.

Emotional depression patients often suffer from alcoholism or other substance abuse problems, and abuse can increase both manic episodes and depression.Symptoms of bipolar disorder

It is easy to recognize manic episodes compared to depression because the patient’s behavior becomes remarkably active, but the man can experience the most intense and unrealistic manic episodes for weeks, even a few months.

Epileptic seizures are often characterized by a lack of good governance, where patients can perform actions that may cause problems for themselves, their parents, or their friends. For example, a patient may waste money or take unnecessary risks in his or her sexual life. Problems with family, co-workers and police.

Mania does not necessarily have a certain amount of happiness, as young people are likely to behave violently during the bout of mania, so it can not be said that mania means happiness. Patients usually do not notice the difference between wrong and right when they do the wrong thing, For more details, please read an example of a case of these seizures.

When the first symptoms of bipolar disorder appear, patients often do not seek treatment, but are usually sought after severe attacks for a long time.

Depression episodes are more common than manic episodes in this type of disorder. Depression episodes are very similar to seizures experienced by people with severe depression. During a bout of depression, the patient feels fatigue and loss of concentration, as well as difficulty sleeping.

The patient may also feel the lack of value and guilt, as well as many thoughts about death, and as a result of manic episodes, the patient may face problems in financial or private relationships, which increases guilt.

The disorder is likely to cause the patient to be exposed to both pills, in which case the patient will experience depression and mania in sequence. Therefore, the period of exposure to the combined seizures is very painful for the patient due to the irritation of the mind and the overwhelming feeling of depression. Hallucinations or illusions, but these hallucinations or delusions do not appear as obvious and clear as hallucinations suffered by the schizophrenic patient.Symptoms of bipolar disorder

The episodes of mania in emotional distress are described as milder, so they are called mild manic episodes, which are serious enough to cause no problems at work or social relationships. Patients with this type of disorder usually do not seek treatment until they reach a bout of depression, Thus, the patient can experience a disorder without being fully diagnosed.

Emotional disorders can be treated with mood stabilizers such as the second generation of psychosis, as well as some medications to relieve anxiety and insomnia, as well as some antidepressants in the event of depression. For more information, please refer to the medicines used for treatment. Mental disorders.

It should be noted that finding the right medication to treat Bipolar Emotional Disorder may take some time. At best, drugs help prevent and relieve depression and mania, and the drug can be changed and taken more than once before finding the right medication, The appropriate medicine contains a mixture of several drugs.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the drug, it should be taken according to the doctor’s instructions. It is important to note that there are many who do not adhere to the medication at the right time or according to the doctor’s instructions. This may be due to many reasons not feeling sick during a manic episode or refusing to accept the fact of the disorder or symptoms Side effects of medication or lack of adequate information about the drug and its role as a moderator of the disorder and its symptoms.

It is likely that the drug prescribed for treatment will continue to be treated for several years, so it is called the treatment. The continued treatment of drugs does not necessarily depend on the lightness of the symptoms or on the patient’s ability to control them. In case the patient learns how to identify signs warning of the next manic episode.

In addition to this, patients should learn how to recognize the symptoms that precede various seizures. This increases the sense of control. Please note that the disorder has as little effect on patients’ lives as it is advisable to avoid excessive pressure. Things that lead to sleep deprivation to prevent the development of seizures.

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