Symptoms of a girl’s first menstrual cycle

PMS or menstruation for the first time is a new chapter in the girl’s life, which lasts for decades, and some girls show some symptoms before the advent of the first menstrual cycle and some do not show any symptoms.

When will you speak for the first time?

Symptoms of a girl’s first menstrual cycle occur before the first menstrual cycle occurs for about six months in the form of vaginal secretions, which are normal and are usually occurring after two years of growth of the breasts of the girl or after about four to six months of growth pubic hair and buttocks of the girl.

The first menstrual blood is not much

Often, the blood drop associated with the first menstrual cycle of the girl is not much and is a few points discovered by the girl in underwear, and the color of blood is brown or light red and from that stage can wear the girl’s sanitary napkins.

Early start or late?

The first period of the first time is for girls between the ages of 9 and 16 years on average, and depends on the descent of the first menstruation of the girl on several factors, including gender, height, weight or cultural background of the girl.

The menstrual period that occurs for girls before the age of 9 years menstrual period, or if the delay of the age of 16 years is considered late menstruation, and usually weighs between 88 to 100 pounds before the brain sends the first signals to the body to start the first menstrual cycle.

Colic and pain and palpitations of the first signs of menstruation

The girl may have some symptoms of the first menstrual cycle, which for the first time encountered, which is caused by the seizure due to water retention or some back pain, leg and headaches, so the mother must know what the child may encounter symptoms or disturbances of the menstrual cycle and how to treat and get rid of them.

Hormonal changes

The girl may notice some changes in the body, such as tiredness, tiredness, or more sensitive, and her eyes are bursting with tears, which is normal. The body first undergoes some hormonal changes that cause some feelings of anger and sadness.

500 times

On average, the mirror has approximately 500 menstrual cycles throughout her life from the age of 12 to 50 sometimes.

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