Symptoms and treatment of anemia

Many people suffer from anemia. Some people suffer from anemia . It is usually simple. It needs to be determined and appropriate treatment to overcome the disease, but in some cases it may be more dangerous. What is anemia, its types and the most important symptoms of anemia and treat it in some detail.

The most important cells of human blood, “red blood cells”, which must be found in the human body in certain proportions, and function is the oxygen throughout the body, and in the case of lack of the result is a decrease in the amount of oxygen than the normal rates needed by the body throughout the day, The problem begins, and the genetic factor plays a role in anemia.

A common cause of anemia is iron deficiency in the body, because it is an important element in building red cells. The causes of iron deficiency are the following.

  • Children are usually deficient in iron and women, especially during pregnancy, due to lack of intake of foods containing iron.
  • Some diseases that affect humans may play a major role in the lack of absorption of the body of the iron element causing a shortage of red cells, and those diseases, “abdominal disease.”
  • Many women experienced severe bleeding during their menstrual period or later , resulting in iron deficiency and anemia.
  • Internal bleeding caused by certain diseases such as “colon cancer”.

Vitamin B12 is an important component of the body, and if it is not available enough, it causes a malfunction of the red cells. Anemia may be malignant.

This type belongs to the category of genetic diseases, where there is a defect in the process of production of red cells, and become the shape of the sickle, and the cause of the problem here that these sickle cells, shortly after the death, thus creating a deficit in red cells.

Symptoms vary by case and type. If it is mild, there may be no significant symptoms, and it may disappear on its own after the body has been treated normally. However, there are some common symptoms among many anemia:

  • The face and skin color becomes remarkably pale.
  • Continuous feeling of exhaustion and tiredness.
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Vertigo, heartbeat becomes faster.
  • The nails become brittle.
  • The person may feel cold although the weather is good.
  • Some suffer from constipation.

As mentioned above, there are many types of anemia, such as a disease, hemorrhage or undernourishment in the iron component and vitamins needed by the body, so consult a doctor to find out the cause of the problem, and then start treatment trip, if Anemia was caused by iron deficiency or the patient was receiving dietary supplements, to supply it with the ingredients he needed, and the treatment was diagnosed on a case-by-case basis.

You should follow a healthy diet and include all the nutrients, which the body needs, to avoid anemia.

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