Have you missed your period ?! Do you change your mood a bit and feel something unusual happens to you? !! The symptoms of pregnancy vary from one woman to another and may differ from one pregnancy to another in the same woman.

The symptoms of early pregnancy are very similar to those that precede your menstrual cycle. So the sure way to know if you are pregnant or not is to test your pregnancy. However, there are common symptoms that occur to most women at the beginning of pregnancy caused by the rapid rise in the level of progesterone in pregnant women .. Such as:

1 – the occurrence of contractions and blood clots:

After intercourse and fertilization of the egg about 6-12 days, the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus, resulting in some uterine contractions and may bleed a few drops of blood while implanting the egg in the wall of the uterus. These contractions and bleeding of pregnancy are different from contractions and bleeding menstrual cycle as the symptoms of pregnancy are much lighter than the symptoms of the menstrual cycle in severity.

2 – presence of vaginal secretions:

You may notice that the blood stains caused by implantation of the egg in the uterus are stained with some white vaginal discharge or color structure. It is due to the growing growth of vaginal cells that are harmless and need no treatment.

If the secretions are accompanied by a foul odor, burning or itching, this indicates a bacterial or yeast infection and must be treated immediately.

3. Breast changes:

Breast changes are one of the most important early signs of pregnancy.

The high level of progesterone in pregnant women lead to changes in the breast, such as swelling or swelling and the sense of tingling and weight in them and their lions when they touch. The nipple-shaped halos become darker.

However, you should know very well that once you get used to these signs and with the passage of time in pregnancy will feel the pain of breast pain, but if increased pain and swelling and did not hide, it is not symptoms of pregnancy and you should contact the doctor immediately and necessary tests.

4. Fatigue and mood swings:

Excessive fatigue is one of the most important early signs of pregnancy and results in mood swings.

5 – Dizziness, dizziness and hunger:

Dizziness and hunger are one of the early signs of pregnancy.

6. Nausea:

Feelings of nausea do not occur in all pregnant women, but they are one of the signs of pregnancy in pregnant women, and often occurs after (7-9) week of pregnancy.

7 – The previous symptoms are due to the rapid rise in the hormone “progesterone” – as we mentioned before – as it is responsible for the following symptoms in the pregnant woman:

  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Reduction of Blood pressure
  • Increase in blood production

So pregnant women should not worry about measuring their sugar or pressure because it is normal to be low in all pregnant women. It is important to note once again that these early signs of pregnancy differ from one woman to another and are only a reminder to do pregnancy test, which is the only interval to confirm pregnancy.

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