Swelling and swelling of the feet in pregnancy what are the causes and methods of treatment

I suffer from the problem of swelling and swelling of the feet and I am in the eighth month of pregnancy .. What are the reasons and methods of treatment appropriate to treat this problem?

Dr. Tamer Said said that the problem of swelling and swelling of the feet in pregnancy, especially in the last months of pregnancy is a problem that affects women, a phenomenon that is normal and appear in 90% of pregnant women, not all pregnant women suffer from this problem and bulge during pregnancy and immediately after pregnancy.

He adds that the causes of swelling and swelling of the feet due to the increase in the size of the uterus is pressure on the veins and arteries in the pelvic area, including the vena cava, a large vein in the right region of the body by reducing the blood circulation and collect blood to swell the tissues of the feet and fingers and increase the size of blood naturally to feed the child contributes to Increased body swelling, in addition to hormonal factor during pregnancy also changes.

One of the factors that increases the swelling and swelling of the feet in pregnancy is to stand for long periods and not drink enough water and yumit and eat foods rich in salt.

In addition to the mother’s injury to some diseases that increase the swelling, including diabetes, kidney disease, anemia and high blood pressure.

Dr. Tamer said that most cases require simple lifestyle changes such as drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding long periods, wearing comfortable shoes for the feet and walking for 15 minutes a day.

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