Surprise: 5 diseases behind the feeling of cold .. know them

Doctors have warned people who are cold all the time, especially on their limbs, because this condition may indicate that you have several diseases.

According to a report published by the site “Healthy Womin” that this situation is usually more prevalent in women than men, as a result of the nature of the composition of the body.

The report added that the feeling of cold all the time may be a warning bell or show the first of five diseases:

1- Thinness

Weight loss means that your body does not have enough of the fat needed for your family for cold temperatures, and the lack of food means the lack of calories entering the body, which is responsible for arming the body with the necessary heat.

2- Thyroid problems

This means that the thyroid does not secrete enough of its hormones, which slows down the metabolism, preventing the body’s engine from producing enough heat.

3 – low level of iron in the body

Iron brings heat and other nutrients to the cells of the body, by carrying oxygen, and iron deficiency may cause coldness all the time.

4- Circulatory problems

Circulatory problems hinder the flow of blood to the extremities of the body, which is also a sign that the heart does not pump blood effectively, or that there is blockage in the arteries, which leads to feeling cold.

5 – lack of vitamin “B12”

The body needs this vitamin to make red blood cells that carry oxygen to various body systems.

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