Supernatural recipes to enlarge the chest in just two days

Recipes to enlarge the chest

Breast enlargement

Many women resort to breast enlargement in various ways, whether natural or surgical, due to the desire to increase the appearance and increase self-confidence, in addition to improving their image, and it is noted that some women suffer from the problems of small breasts and slackness, specifically after pregnancy and breastfeeding, Differential between the left and right breast, not only is the breast enlargement of the aesthetic purpose only; but also requires that the breasts are taut and elastic and steel, and the surgical methods used to enlarge the chest, it varies between the placement of the implant at the bottom of the breast tissue or under the muscles, for example; Breast Ticking Oh, but many of the risks entailed in beautification surgery , including scar placement of the implant and distorted, and deformation of the outer shape of the breast, in addition to the lack of a sense of breast with his dream having pain in them.

Supernatural recipes to enlarge the chest in just two days

Mix a mixture of onion juice and honey together, and massage the breast well and stay for a full day, then rinse with water.

Add the recipe mixture to enlarge the chest, by adding a small amount to the water and boil the mixture on the fire, then add to the ring dipped proportion of and kneaded well, and applied to the chest and leave to dry, and then wash with water, and advised to repeat the recipe several days.

In a half cup of boiling water, soak in a half cup of boiling water, transfer the seeds after they are soft into a deep bowl, and sprinkle the seeds with a spoon. Add 4 tablespoons of beer yeast, one tablespoon of white honey, and knead the ingredients together until they become paste. Soft textures, then hands the breast with ingredients, and is used for 10 minutes a day.

Apply the appropriate amount of the chest, and circular movements for a minimum of 10 minutes, and then leave the oil on the chest for an hour full; then shower with lukewarm water to remove the effects of oil, and also advised to massage and rub during the bath, it is noted that the benefit in olive oil lies in containing components It has the ability to stimulate blood circulation and activate fat cells that have the responsibility of breast augmentation.

Soak in a dry place, leave aside until it is somewhat lukewarm, then dip a piece of cloth with the size of the chest down and place it over the breasts as compresses, leave the cloth for five minutes, repeat the step Five consecutive times, and three times a week.

Boil the amount of a tablespoon of the ring with two cups of water, and leave the boiling of the ring aside to become lukewarm, and drink this cup every day morning and evening, with honey and sugar, and eat the pills of the ring by placing a quantity of or sugar on it, the circuit has a miraculous ability to stimulate the body on Release of female estrogen hormone, thus breast augmentation.

Other ways to enlarge the chest

  • Special exercise in building muscles in the breast, helps to raise the breast and give the hardness and greater volume.
  • Massage the breast after bathing by repeating the process several times, and this helps to give the overall appearance of a beautiful appearance and full and enhanced visibility and hardness.
  • Pressing the chest area with exercise helps build muscle in it.
  • Exercise constantly.
  • Dieting stimulates the body to secrete hormones more.
  • Using the wheat embryo to enlarge the chest, by massage it with wheat germ oil in the morning, and massage the chest oil ring in the evening.
  • Do chest augmentation exercises by lifting your hands up, and lowering them down; repeat exercises 40 times.
  • Do not wear tight clothing that limits the comfort and freedom of the chest.
  • Use cotton underwear, and be larger than one.
  • Keep the chest continuously massage during showering.
  • Exercise and push the wall and weight lifting.
  • Gain weight in case the female is slender.
  • Taking care of body-stimulating foods to increase the production of estrogen, the most important of these foods:
  1. Milk and dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, milk.
  2. Legumes, including white beans, chick peas and lentils.
  3. the rice.
  4. Wheat.
  5. barley.
  6. Thyme.
  7. Clove.
  8. Sperm.
  9. Apple.
  10. Peaches.
  11. Option.
  12. Islands.
  • Foods rich in phytoestrogen, including:
  1. Pumpkin.
  2. Squash.
  3. Green beans.
  4. Peaches.
  5. Mulberry.
  6. the strawberry.
  7. Green and red.
  8. Nuts, mainly nuts, pistachios and cashew nuts.

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