Stroke, symptoms, effects and complications of stroke

Some are exposed to what is known as stroke or stroke, we will learn together in this article through the Journal of Rejaim on the stroke and types, complications of stroke, and what is the stroke and light methods of prevention.

What is the stroke

Stroke is the interruption of the blood flow to some brain cells, which deprives these cells of oxygen and thus begin these cells in slow death, resulting in the loss of some or all functions performed by these infected cells and therefore the degree of injury vary from person to person according to place For example, the incidence of mild stroke (which affects a small amount of brain cells) leads to temporary weakness in the extremities, but the incidence of high blood clot, it may lead to permanent paralysis of one of the two and may also lead to loss of ability to speak, studies have shown that the proportion of Thane who are injured stroke suffering from some permanent disabilities and though some of those who suffer stroke find them often recovering full recovery.

Effects of stroke

The effects of the stroke on the cerebral side of the stroke, as it leads to the loss of some or all of the following functions:

  1. Movement and sensation
  2. Speech disorders
  3. Eating and swallowing
  4. Vision
  5. Cognitive functions (thinking and memory)
  6. Sexual ability
  7. Emotional emotions

Types of stroke

  1. Blood clots
    This type of stroke is the least common, accompanied by an internal hemorrhage in the brain leads to tumor and severe pressure on the brain cells, which leads to the destruction of cells and brain tissue. 
    This type of stroke is responsible for 40% of deaths from stroke.
  2. The ischemic stroke
    in this type of stroke causes the clogging of the blood vessel nourishing the brain cells and therefore the blood does not reach the brain resulting in a deadly rise in blood preasure .
    This type of stroke is responsible for 87% of deaths from strokes. 
    What is TIA?

Although it is called a small thrombosis and is often overlooked but is already serious, it is a temporary blockage in the blood vessel responsible for feeding the brain cells and therefore should pay attention to some of the symptoms that if you feel any of them should go immediately to the nearest doctor These symptoms are as follows:

  1. Drop in the face
  2. Weak arm
  3. Difficulty in pronunciation

Complications of stroke

The severity of complications depends on:

  • Place cells infected with the brain
  • Intensity of injury
  • Speed ​​of medical intervention

Complications of stroke

Therefore, the complications of stroke vary greatly, but these complications can be summarized as follows:

  1. Weakness of the heart muscle
  2. Bladder weakness
  3. cramps
  4. Depression
  5. Chronic headache
  6. Difficulty swallowing

Methods of prevention of stroke

We can actually reduce the chances of stroke by avoiding the following factors:

  • 1. High blood pressure
  •  Lack of exercise
  • Eat unhealthy foods
  • obesity
  • Bad mood
  • Smoking
  • Heart disease
  • Addiction to Alcoholism
  • Diabetes

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