Stretch marks and white lines after pregnancy

Many things change after you have a child not only change your dates and the time of your sleep, but there are many physical changes most important signs of stretch and white lines.

Reasons for occurrence:

Stretch marks occur when your body grows faster than your skin. It can increase your weight dramatically and increase rapidly in a few months. It is 9 months of pregnancy. Flexible fibers under the surface of the skin cause these signs to appear, especially on the abdomen and breasts. They can also appear on the thighs, buttocks and arms, often starting with red lines but after pregnancy gradually turn into white or gray.

It is important to note that weight gain is not a rule for the appearance of these signs. Some women who do not suffer from a significant increase in weight during pregnancy have the same signs, and some men may also suffer from these lines.

About 90% of women show these lines sometime after the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. The reason for these signs is not well understood, although they have been linked to increased hormones in pregnancy, and it is believed that heredity plays a role in these signs If your mother has stretch marks, you are likely to have the same genes that have a role in developing these markers.


Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and there is no cream or lotion that can prevent them from appearing so as not to be fooled in the products, but you may need to consult your doctor during pregnancy.

Keeping your skin moist is a good idea and an important factor especially if you live in a dry climate. It helps to reduce the itching that can come with the growing belly, such as vitamin E oil, which helps keep your body hydrated and you can put it in the refrigerator. Cool on your body may reduce itching.

You may want to avoid hot water showers to control itchy skin and to keep your body hydrated from dryness and minimize as much as possible soap and skin products that contain alcohol as well as reduce chlorinated water

While some of them naturally fade to a lighter color to become less visible after pregnancy, these markers are still not completely eliminated.


Experts say the best time to treat stretch marks is when they are still in red

– The treatment may help the generation “gel” made from a mixture of onion extract and hyaluronic acid, where it was tried by some women and faded marks after 12 weeks of daily use

Another option is Retinoid, which accelerates cell turnover and can stimulate the growth of new collagen, but it leads to obesity. It also damages your child if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, causing fetal abnormalities and side effects. If the body is exposed to the sun,

– Vitamin E oil used by security and does not hurt The tests showed that it has good results for some women in the disappearance of those signs

– Laser treatments as the heat of the skin promotes the growth of collagen and dilated blood vessels and may take several sessions to see the results and helps to renew the skin

– Surgical methods and chemical peels. Consult your doctor to see if they are effective for you

– Some women try to accept the new skin shape and try to accept it as part of new changes such as new curves, new shape, and new skin.

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