Strengthening the immune system in honey

The immune system in the body is a defensive line to protect the body from various infections, bacteria and bacteria, thus maintaining the immune system, and strengthening it is necessary to protect the body from infection of various diseases, and is one of the best natural products that contains many benefits to human health, , And in this context we will talk about how to strengthen the immune system honey and the following lines.

Doctors regularly recommend a healthy diet, full of vitamins and nutrients, especially green and leafy ones, because they increase the strength of the immune system and reduce the incidence of diseases.

Medical research has also proved the ability of strong and effective honey to strengthen the immune system, where white honey is one of the best foods that help build a strong immune system and always tops the list of the most useful food, and there is more than a natural recipe to enter the white honey to strengthen the immune system naturally and far For any chemicals:

This recipe is made by mixing 8 cloves of peeled with a cup of honey with the container closed well and left for two weeks before use, and a teaspoon of the previous mixture is taken every day before breakfast, this recipe helps to strengthen the strength of immunity in the body and reduce colds And the flu, as it works to strengthen the heart muscle and balance the cholesterol in the blood.

This recipe is one of the strongest recipes that help to strengthen the immune system and is prepared from simple ingredients, a quarter cup of the blessing with a cup of white honey and are mixed well with each other, and then leave for six hours before use, and then take a spoon before bed And another in the morning before breakfast.

The ingredients of the recipe are equal amounts of flaxseed seeds with the grain of the pond and the love of Rashad. All the previous ingredients are milled well until they are very smooth, mixed with white honey and kept in a clean, dry and tightly sealed container. The best results are preferred for three months.

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