Strengthening memory with herbs

Strengthening memory in herbs is one way to strengthen and preserve memory, where many parents suffer from lack of focus in their children, and the many reasons that led to problems of memory impairment in adults and young, has become a lot of entertainment such as the technology of computers, mobile , And television, so it was necessary to follow some methods that increase the focus and strengthen memory in children and adults as well.

How to boost memory

Strengthen memory

When a person’s memory is weak, it means a deficiency in some of the essentials on which he relies.

Vitamin B12, vitamin E, zinc, potassium and selenium are essential vitamins.

The most important are the iron compounds, which increase and strengthen the memory quadruple.

Strengthening memory with herbs

Herbs for memory

Many herbs can be used and by continuing them, memory can be strengthened and brain cells activated.

  • “Black bean”

The black bean contains many benefits for all members of the body, but it is mentioned in the Holy Quran.

  • dates

Dates are one of the most important substances that contain vitamins and minerals. These minerals activate the brain and memory. This is in addition to iron and phosphorus to activate brain cells.

Strengthening the memory of herbs begins with ginger, where the ginger stimulates blood circulation to pump blood to the brain, leading to memory activation.

  • Walnut

The nut contains healthy and safe oils that contain vitamins, omega-3, and many minerals that stimulate brain cells and increase their concentration.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a treatment , which is very important for memory because it contains substances that can stimulate brain cells in humans.

  • Thyme

Many countries eat it during breakfast or some of their pastries. It is a general memory stimulant because it contains flavonoids and rapidly responds to information by stimulating neurons.

  • Dumped

This herb works to reduce the proportion of some enzymes that break down the compound “Astyyl Collin”, which leads to Alzheimer’s, so it can be boiled and then drink or soak.

  • Ginkgo herb

Her trees are known as the trees of intelligence, and she struggles to forget, and to search for them is in the form of tablets supplements in pharmacies.

  • Rosemary “rosemary”.

Also called “pebbles” used by the Japanese through burning inside the houses of science to be active memory in children, to contain one of the compounds called “cineole-18”, which increases the concentration in children.

  • The frankincense

It works to strengthen and stimulate the memory and can be taken through the drink and drink or be sweetened with sugar.

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