Strengthen bones, joints and nerves

There are many diseases that affect the bones and joints and may also extend to inflammation of the nerves and many people are looking at how to strengthen them, lack of minerals and malnutrition are among the most causes that cause the weakness of bones and joints and inflammation of the nerves, they are basic pillars of the body without which man can not move, Our bones need attention, and our joints need full care. The bones are composed of calcium and collagen, which are essential for building strong bones and joints, and the lack of access to the human body affects those elements negatively, and therefore we will provide all the body needs to strengthen the bones and joints And nerves just follow us on your Arabic magazine Rajim.

Strengthen bones, joints and nerves

The bones, joints and nerves need many important substances and ingredients to become strong and durable.Strengthen bones and joints

Strengthening bones and joints.

  • Calcium : As you know, bones are the basis of calcium structure and to maintain and build calcium must be taken, and this in any way, whether through eating or eating supplements.
  • Vitamin D : Vitamin D is one of the most important substances in the strengthening of bones, joints and nerves, which helps to absorb calcium. Vitamin D is present in the sun, especially children where the child may be exposed to 15 minutes daily to get vitamin D for 3 times a week .
  • Eat healthy foods : Eat foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin C.

This is because they are necessary to build and strengthen the bones, joints and nerves, and those materials will find them in abundance in fish, meat and dairy.

  • Aerobics : Exercise is one of the most important things that helps build bones, joints and nerves, and this is for the possibility of sport to eliminate the vulnerability of the bones.

Strengthen the nerves

Strengthen the nerves

It may occur that the person suffers from a weakness in the nerves, and a decrease in the ability to make any effort, and may be looking for the causes of this weakness does not know the cause, but there are many reasons that lead to weak nerves, including genetically and genetically.

And other because of laziness and routine life is organized and unhealthy, which leads to loss of activity and relaxation of nerves.

The strength of bones, joints and nerves lies primarily in exercise, which is the main and common factor.

Taking vitamin B12 is the key ingredient for strengthening nerves, or getting vitamin B complex through pharmacies.

Foods that strengthen bones, joints and nerves

Strengthen bones, joints and nerves

Many foods that help to strengthen and build bones, joints, nerves and foods can be taken.

  1. Paper : One of the most important things that supply the human body with calcium, especially spinach to contain vitamin K.
  2. Eat : Oranges extend the human body vitamin C needed for the body, which in turn helps to absorb the body of calcium.
  3. Nuts : Nuts act to strengthen the bones, joints and nerves by extending the body potassium necessary to maintain the absorption of calcium, and also contains nuts Omega 3.

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