Steps to teach children the ethics of dialogue

Dr. Nabila El-Saadi, a specialist at the Egyptian Center for Marital and Family Counseling, stresses that we need to teach our children the ethics of dialogue correctly, so we first have to know that until a child is able to understand and communicate with his surroundings and is able to express his or her personal opinion, By the mother and father together.

Here we must point to the essential role of parents, so that the child should always exercise his or her position and ask for his or her opinion in the simplest of things.

In the absence of guests or strangers, the child can be trained more in the absence of guests or strangers. He is asked to provide coffee or tea to the parents, sit together, listen carefully before answering, not interrupt the speaker, and if asked to leave the place because parents want to talk more Of his age, prefer this request to occur indirectly, so as to avoid the issue of embarrassment and curiosity.

Parents should alert their child that sitting with adults requires him to be calm. In the case of strangers, the parents must treat the child with respect, while completely abstaining from his river and embarrass him in front of the guests, but the alert is gentle; because this gives him a sense of excellence and confidence and earns courage. Him to talk to adults.

She adds that all these things need patience and wisdom to give good results. Some of the easiest things that can help a child in dialogue:

1 – Teach him to perform peace and respond to him, and shake hands and welcome the guests and farewell.

2. If we are in a restaurant, we must allow our children to order their own food, and money can be given to pay the bill.

3 – If the mother in the market and accompanied by her child can allow her child to ask about the price of food and also allows him to choose his favorite species.

4. The father shall accompany his child to the family and university visits.

5 – start to ask him some simple questions such as what you mean Mama ?, If you understand the language of the birds, what do you say?

If it is observed that the child is shy about dealing with adults, or by answering, parents must gradually adjust this behavior without forcing or bullying, because shyness and introversion need time and great encouragement to control.

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