Steps to instill confidence in children

The child is a green plant that is nurtured and nurtured. It is the right thing that the parents have to support . Otherwise, they have to adjust and evaluate it so that the child will be together and have a moderate personality.

Dr. Ghada Farouk, PhD of Psychology from Cairo University, explains that the family sets the personality of the child, and as far as the formation is healthy, the young person grows confidently together with others around him.

1 – Attention to children in terms of education, health and sports.

2 – Developing the skills of the young and encouraging him to succeed in the various activities he loves.

3 – care for the young and happy without excessive pampering or excessive cruelty.

4. Encouraging the child when he succeeds in the tasks entrusted to him.

5. Enhance the child’s strengths and excellence.

Dr. Ghada points out that the young person’s weaknesses must be addressed by indirect directives that help him to overcome misconduct in the face of certain situations, or if he conducts some inappropriate behaviors, and the child should not be allowed to do some work that does not fit With his or her dental or mental abilities, thus enhancing his sense of helplessness and losing confidence in himself.

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