Stages of weight stability with slimming and errors leading to it

We take the decision to follow a diet to get rid of the layers of fat accumulating in our bodies after a lot of trouble, moving forward towards the deprivation of pleasures and qualities that brought us to obesity and the situation we are, the beginning of the first days of application dieting with all difficulty to get through after a few days and it is relatively easy; We are surprised that there is weight stability with slimming despite the strict adherence to the diet. This problem has become a problem for many dieters to lose weight. Article we will give ways to overcome the stability of weight with slimming becomes simple Izazh easily.

Weight stability with slimming

In the previous article we discussed the problem of weight stability with slimming and everything that comes to it, and we will again recall the definition of this situation; it is the weight loss from the loss of excess and stability at the last weight reached by the human, so reading on the balance constant does not change despite the full commitment This condition often occurs after a month or two of dieting. Many reasons behind this condition are the body’s habituation to a specific burning rate, or a wrong exercise that has upset the metabolism, psychological problems and many other causes.

How to overcome weight fastness with slimming

The problem of weight stability can be overcome with slimming in several ways, including:

  • The body may lose excess water during the first few weeks , and slow weight loss begins gradually.
  • Monitor the number of calories consumed per day, so it is recommended to calculate the number of calories in each meal by writing on a special notebook for that, or by calculating sites calories free.
  • Increase sports effort. It should be noted that if the person is active and athletic and resort to reducing the quantities of food more than the specified belief of the loss of weight faster; it is completely wrong; it will lead to weight stability with slimming.
  • Check your body’s real calorie needs. Experts often recommend reducing calories by 500 calories per day for half a kilo per week.
  • Evaluate how much exercise you are doing and check if it is appropriate and appropriate to burn more calories in your body.
  • The possibility of the effect of weight loss on the appearance and the stability of reading on the balance, meaning that the fat has begun to fade and muscles appear.
  • Do not over-measure weight, weight gauges once a week is enough.
  • Check with your doctor to make sure there is no health problem that has caused weight gain.
  • Variety of sports during dieting, such as increasing or replacing walking with jogging.
  • Follow strength exercises to ensure fat loss and build muscle.
  • Changes in the quality, variety and method of cooked foods.
  • Concentrate on protein intake; it helps to give you a feeling of fullness, but this is offset by reduced carbohydrate and fat intake.
  • The need to eat a breakfast is slightly larger than usual, and is never ignored.
  • Obtaining additional hours of sleep, as fatigue and exhaustion accumulate on the body as a result of lack of sleep slows down the process of metabolism.
  • Follow the rule of breaking the diet, and stop by for a few days and return again.

Stages of weight stability with slimming

The first phase in weight stability with slimming of glucose in the blood, which is credited with storing energy and the supplier of energy immediately, and stimulates him to do the daily activities; and if low levels the body is unable to burn calories.

Comes in second place to store water in the body, and burns completely for the purpose of supplying the body energy and the release of larger amounts of the body and motivates the loss, so the weight lost just water and not fat.

The fat contains a huge energy up to the amount of glycogen found in the liver and muscle, and thus the fat produce more energy when burning, which contributes to supply the body with a greater card;

Errors leading to weight stability with slimming

The most important that we may exercise during the diet and lead to weight stability with slimming:

  • Do not drink enough water; less than 6 cups a day.
  • The high amount of fat burning energy contributes to weight stability.
  • Ignore some meals and move to another directly.
  • Stress, depression and mental disorder.
  • The body is accustomed to the number of calories that the body goes with .
  • Calorie intake in food.
  • Low levels of leptin, a stimulant to suppress appetite and give you a sense of hunger.
  • Excessive intake of fiber in diet meals.
  • Insufficient exercise that stimulates the burning of calories in the body.

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