Solve the problem of runny saliva during sleep

Sleeping saliva is common in many people and suffers from a large number of people, although it is harmless to get infected, but it is an indication of the incidence of certain diseases or other causes can be solved, and through this article will identify the most prominent Solutions that address the problem of runny saliva during sleep, if you suffer from this annoying thing, follow this article well.

If you wake up at night and find your pillow wet and moist with your mouth, this is the result of some reasons, including:

Any sleep on or on either side causes the saliva to pool and out of the mouth, unlike sleeping on the back.

Breathing from the mouth is also a leading cause of runny saliva from the mouth and this is due to some respiratory diseases associated with the nose.

There are some drugs that have a side effect of saliva out of the mouth during sleep, such as medicines for diseases of the digestive system or Alzheimer’s drugs.

There are also some organic diseases that affect the members of the body causing the problem of swallowing saliva during sleep, including:

– Sinusitis. 
– Nasal congestion. 
– or flu infection. 
– or deviation of the nasal barrier. 
– acidity . 
– Esophageal reflux. 
– Allergy to the nose. 
– tonsillitis. 
– Gingivitis and teeth. 
Swelling of the flesh. 
– Enlarged tonsils.

Here are some of the most magical solutions to the problem of salivary saliva, which commonly occur during sleep:

  1. First , the main reason for the salivation of saliva should be sought and the treatment of it must be done.
  2. Second: Trying to treat the problems of the nose, such as the sensitivity of the nose and congestion so that it can breathe through instead of breathing on the mouth.
  3. Third: the need to sleep on the back to avoid runny saliva from the mouth.
  4. Fourth: Be careful to sleep on a high pillow leading the head and neck until you feel comfortable during sleep.
  5. Fifth: the exercise of the face and work to improve the muscles, and reduce the incidence of slack during sleep, and thus reduce the runny saliva.
  6. Sixth: the need to regulate the sleep pattern to help you breathe from the nose and reduce the ease of breathing through the mouth.
  7. Seventh: Distinguish completely from eating foods rich in spices acute before going to sleep, because it stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth during sleep.
  8. Eighth: Be careful to chew food slowly and not to eat quickly to reduce the secretion of saliva during sleep.
  9. Ninth: resort to the use of some drugs that reduce the secretion of saliva in the mouth during sleep, such as: glycopyrolate, scopolamine, and Atropine sulfate.
  10. X. It is also possible to resort to the development of a special device in the mouth during sleep helps to close the lips during swallowing, and control the secretion of saliva in the mouth.

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