Smoking damages on the stomach without eating

Get used to a lot of people on smoking continuously with the arrival of the command of smoking on an empty stomach without getting any foods in the early morning period without knowing what the effects of smoking on an empty stomach without eating which results in many diseases, and in the month of the holy gets used a lot Of smokers drink cigarettes even before breakfast, which leads to many risks and problems at the health level.

Smoking on the stomach

A person who smokes cigarettes without food at risk of cancer, whether in the blood or lung, is considered to be one of the most prominent causes of cancer in recent times, as confirmed by scientific research recently.

Smoking on the stomach and cancer

Experts confirmed that a cigarette that is taken on the saliva without eating is more carcinogenic than cigarettes that are smoked by the smoker the rest of the day, after getting a meal.

The fitness of people who smoke cigarettes on their stomach becomes much weaker than those who eat cigarettes after eating and without shape, the fitness of people who smoke is better than that of smokers in general.

Several recent scientific studies confirm that tar and other cigarette components negatively affect the respiratory system and increase the incidence of cancer in the blood, because eating a cigarette in the morning without eating any food leads to the presence of tar in the blood is strong.

Smoking damages on the stomach without eating

  •  Feeling a chronic headache at night, smoking a cigarette on the stomach results in severe head pain.
  •  Smoking a cigarette on a saliva continuously leads to gradual reflux in order to absorb the smoke results from cigarettes at the beginning of each day.
  • Smoking at the beginning of the day without eating any food produces colic and cramps in the stomach and severe pain.
  •  Smoking leads to constipation throughout the day and increases the risk of recurrent disease .
  •  Smoking on the respiratory tract prevents the intake of fresh air, breathing healthy and healthy and enjoy the morning breeze that benefits the respiratory system on a daily basis and contributes to a better health condition.

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