Smoked man gets children with “asthma”

Smoking is one of the bad habits that many addicted to. It does not harm the smoker alone, but it also affects people around him through what is known as ” passive smoking” .

If you smoke alone, you are free to choose for your own health. If you do not want to hurt those around you, whether they are your friends or your family, this indicates your behavior and reduces your humanity.

But please be careful to harm your son or daughter and know that if you are single, this will not protect your child from the next to hurt and hurt because of the pleasure of smoking.

The researchers analyzed the smoking habits of more than 13,000 men and women. The most tragic result was their asthma.

Studies have also confirmed that asthma is more common in children whose parents smoked beforepregnancy.

The risk of your child being infected with asthma increases if you start smoking before you are 15 years old, increase the risk of infection over time and increase the length of smoking .

On the contrary , for the mother , ifsmoke before pregnancy is not smoked oninjuryher childfuture disease affects asthma , in pregnancy the mother is the most important .

The doctors concluded that exposure to any type of air pollution, whether chemical or normal, could have a negative effect later on. Men, especially young people, should be warned about the dangers of smoking and exposure to pollution in general, explaining to them the danger to their children – who have not yet had children – in the future.

Laboratory tests have been conducted on animals, and the results show that the father’s exposure to contaminants before pregnancy can damage his offspring and offspring later on.

So young man, take care before harming the most precious people you have, after the damage does not serve remorse and does not benefit.

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