Smallpox threatens you with herpes in old age

The German Association of Neurologists said that the incidence of smallpox “varicella zoster” at a young age increases the risk of herpes zoster in adults. The cause of this, the virus causing the disease, the varicella zoster virus, “after the smallpox virus for the first time the virus lies in the nerve nodes for up to several years, before it is activated again.

The cause of the virus is often not known, but it is generally due to aging, mainly among people over the age of 50, as well as other causes such as weak immunity and extreme psychological stress.

The symptoms of herpes zoster are a rash of blisters that extends along the affected nerve, especially in the trunk, chest, or face and neck. This is also called a “fiery belt”. It surrounds the affected area like a fire collar, With the rest of the body.

Other symptoms include itching, fever, burning pains, and swelling of the lymph nodes adjacent to the affected area.

The sooner a firefighter dies, the more likely he will be treated with antivirals.

The delay in treatment can lead to serious complications such as “severe neuropathic pain after the end of the disease”, a severe pain in the affected area for at least 4 months since the onset of the rash.

Other complications are meningitis, dysfunctions, and balance down to blindness.

In order to avoid infection, avoid touching the skin or personal tools of the injured, in addition to receiving the vaccine.

It is preferred to prevent the smallpox vaccine from childhood. 

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