Slimming and stabilizing weight with ideal food

A good choice for the quality of the appropriate food is one of the important steps to prove weight andalso maintain weight and protect the body from many diseases that are

Resulting from following the diet mis and is not suitable in terms of lack of important in the body ‘s vital elements.

Ideal nutritional tips and balance in nutrition programs.Slimming and stabilizing weight with ideal food

– Eating fruits and whole grains:
Eating fruit is an important element in the diet, where it contains many fibers, especially in the outer shell

Which helps to feel full and not feeling hungry, and contain most of the vitamins vital

Of the body and its natural sources to overcome the fatigue of dieting.

Variety of meals in diet:

The variety of nutrients in the diet helps the body to represent the biological processes better and helps

The body in not feeling the boredom of dieting and taking advantage of the vital elements of different varieties.

Moderation in the variety of sugars:

Sugar is available in many foods and the amount of consumption of sugar is important for the success of the diet, although eating sugar in the fruit does not affect the strength of the diet given

For containing fructose sugar, which is not stored in the body.

Low fat food:

Eating low-saturated foods such as margarine, butter and meat meat does not benefit the body as opposed to eating unsaturated fats such as n

Body and helps the body to get rid of toxins, you should consider the amount of saturated fat in dieting foods for the body’s success in the elimination of excess weight.

Metabolic and physical activity:

Maintaining proper weight during diet and stabilizing weight after dieting requires attention to exercise a little activity every day to maintain the body’s ability

To burn fat and not stored and replaced with muscle blocks to help protect the body from many diseases.

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