Sleep damage in the morning

When Allah created this universe, He placed certain scales and laws to regulate everything around us, and everything goes according to these laws, God created man to order the earth, and made fun of the means he needed for life to continue, so that man can perform his duties and the human body Many people tend to sleep and sleep in the morning, and may be due to involuntary motives such as work or causes of illness, but the problem of sleeping in the morning one of the violations of the laws of nature, which result in many of the Health problems, and in the following lines we review together sleep damage in the morning and its impact on the health status of the person.Does daytime sleep increase weight

Sleep damage in the morning

  • When you wake up at night and sleep during the day, you have reversed the physical system, and this exposes you to depriving some of the necessary body, such as hormone melatonin and this hormone is not secreted only during the night, and then feel the body during waking fatigue and lethargy, resulting in lack of focus and lack of effort, Perform basic tasks.
  • When you wake up at night you deprive the brain of its usual time to record important data and events, and therefore suffer from forgetfulness and lack of focus.
  • It also increases the level of hunger hormone and feeling full, resulting in an increase in weight.
  • When exposed to TV, computer or mobile screens during the night, you are exposed to stress, which is reflected in the day during work or study.
  • Sleeping in the early hours of the morning, tension, poor memory and headaches, and increased irritability, you should reset your biological clock to avoid the negative effects of sleeping in the morning.

Late sleep damage

Benefits of sleeping at night

  • Sleeping at night is the process that a person does to give most of the body’s internal organs a rest to be able to perform its functions.
  • It also helps to relieve stress and fatigue during the daytime.
  • The heart muscle is relieved of some pressure on it, while doing daily activities.
  • Sleeping at night also contributes to the speed of metabolism and the burning of more fat during sleep.
  • Sleeping at night helps to improve and strengthen the immune system, which helps to prevent the person from contracting infectious diseases and viruses spread.
  • Improves the blood sugar level and improves blood circulation, restoring blood pressure.

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