Skin problems during pregnancy

The skin problems that appear on the skin of the pregnant woman, especially during the last months of pregnancy, affect the pregnant woman with a feeling of retardation and some psychological depression, which may cause problems for the pregnant woman during the last months of pregnancy. The skin problems often disappear in pregnancy after childbirth, if taken care of during pregnancy. The pregnant woman should know about the skin problems that she may have during pregnancy so that she can handle them properly.

Skin changes during pregnancy

Skin problems during pregnancy vary from one pregnant to another according to physiological changes, but the most common skin problems remain:

– Skin itching : Nearly five pregnant women suffer from the appearance of some signs of itching during pregnancy and coincides with the appearance of some pimples on the skin, but remains the same is theitching of the vagina during pregnancy .

– Cost : The costs appear on the skin of pregnant women as a result of changes in hormones and skin pigments in addition to exposure to the sun, which contributes to the increase in the emergence of cost during pregnancy , so should avoid direct sun exposure during pregnancy.

– acne and pimples : the proportion of acne on pregnant women with oily skin increases doubly as a result of the effect of hormones on the skin but gradually disappear after birth.

– Skin color change : Asrar may occur in some areas of the skin of the pregnant woman, such as under the armpits or around the breast area and the result of the increase of some hormones, but not to worry, most of those changes on the skin color gradually disappear after birth.

– White lines : or what is known as Asterisk Marks , and occurs as a result of the expansion of the skin layer in the abdomen due to the pressure of the muscles of the uterus and need to be constantly moisturizing using natural moisturizers such as Vaseline and Shea butter, which helps to eliminate MarksMarks Marks in pregnancy .

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