Skin problems during pregnancy and treatment

Although the skin problems experienced by pregnant women during pregnancy are temporary problems and gradually disappear after birth, they may cause the woman’s dissatisfaction with her shape … She is affected by her form and psychologically

Cost / freckle (pregnancy mask) and skin tanning:

Lungs appear in the front, nose, cheeks, upper lip and 
appear in the upper region of the thigh, pelvis and breast nipple, and the emergence of a black line extending from the navel to the lower abdomen. 
Causes: Pregnancy hormones that increase the secretion of pigments Skin 
: Long exposure to sun 
and the use of protective preparations Of the sun permitted during pregnancy

Blisters of pregnancy (love of pregnancy):

Causes: Genetics in the first place, which suffer from oily skin, increase the secretion of fat during pregnancy 
Prevention: Care for daily skin hygiene and the use of toner or rose water to tighten the pores of the skin 
and lock and warns the use of creams treatment of pimples only consult the doctor

Vascular problems:

The intensity of redness of the hands, feet and face 
varicose legs appear bristles bloody red on the surface of the skin, and sometimes take the spider web form, has become painful 
pain gums and susceptibility to bleeding and inflammation of the 
reasons: due to increased vascular volume and relaxes 
prevention: Avoid standing for a long time, lifting the legs when you sit for a long time 
Clean teeth and use a soft toothbrush

Swelling (swollen) face, hands and feet:

Accept some of the ladies bulging face, fine The lines face swollen and filled and disappear, show pregnant more youthful and softer look, while others hate shape because inflation nose overload 
and can cause bloating or swelling pain in feet and may be used scale shoe rack larger than normal scales in pregnancy 
causes : The retention of fluids in the tissues, which is normal because the composition of blood changes completely during pregnancy 
Prevention: reduce the salts in food and drinking plenty of water 
It must be noted that excessive swelling may be an indication of high blood pressure should consult with a doctor to avoid the occurrence of poisoning of pregnancy God forbid

Stretch marks (white lines):

In the abdomen, chest, arm, buttocks 
Causes: Weight gain, body size and inability of the skin to expand in parallel with tissue expansion 
Attention to drinking water 
Moisturizing the skin and the use of topical capsules Vitamin E: Open and emptied and give you on the skin, which gives far better results than creams to contain On skin nutrients that help to stretch without cracking

Excessive sweating:

Causes: Increased activity of sweat glands

Prevention: attention to cleanliness, and presence in ventilated places

Hair loss and nail bombing:

Due to dry skin, low calcium and sometimes as a result of anemia and iron deficiency

Prevention: Care must be taken to clean the hair and to use only shampoo and conditioner and to permanently remove the dyes and the chemical individual during pregnancy.

Wearing glove when doing household chores, especially on the use of heavy cleansers on the skin of the hands, 
treatment of anemia and attention to the treatment of vitamins and pregnancy

Tips For Healthy Skin During Pregnancy:

► Do not be exposed to the sun for long periods and use sunscreen

►To care for the cleanliness of the skin and to reduce the use of cosmetics, especially poor types

► Moisturizing the complexion, moisturizing the hair and using moisturizing creams, especially on the dry areas of the skin

► Drink water

► Avoid standing for long periods and lifting legs when sitting

► Exercise light, such as walking according to the condition of the pregnant woman

►Health food and vegetables and fruits

► Avoid drinks that reduce blood oxygen and dry the skin: caffeine in coffee, tea, and alcohol

► Take vitamin supplements for pregnancy as directed by your doctor and treat anemia

► Follow-up weight gain with your doctor to avoid skin problems that occur after childbirth

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