Skin changes during pregnancy and its causes

Changes in the skin in pregnancy are the things that most pregnant women, and those changes, the appearance of some white lines on the skin and skin secretions around the nipple, buttocks and thighs. What are the causes of skin changes in pregnancy ?

The increase in the level of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy increases the stimulation of melanin in the skin and the appearance of some spots, such as the cost of pregnancy, in addition to the possibility of exposure to sunlight, which increases the pigmentation of the skin and spots and often disappear those pigmentation within six months Postpartum, where the body restores hormonal balance after pregnancy and the spots disappear after pregnancy.

Other changes of the pregnant skin are the appearance of white lines or strechmarks. It affects about 90% of pregnant women, especially in the third part of pregnancy, and the skin cracks appear on the abdomen, chest and buttocks, and is caused by increasing the size of the fetus, which affects the abdominal muscles and gaining weight in pregnancy. Easily using some moisturizers that contain shea butter or cocoa butter to moisturize the skin and reduce skin cracks in pregnancy.

Among the changes associated with pregnancy are the appearance of pregnancy varices due to the increase of estrogen, including an increase in capillaries and appear in 50% of pregnant women with redness of the soles of the hands, which is a disease of two thirds of white women and one third of brunettes and usually fades after birth a week or two and the cause of pregnancy increases pregnancy Pressure on the pelvic and femoral veins can worsen the incidence of varicose veins and lead to clotting in 10% of pregnant women.

Other common changes in pregnancy are increased hair loss, obesity and increased vaginal discharge, leading to genital itching and the appearance of acne during pregnancy .

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