Skin Care routine before Eid

A few days away from the arrival of the feast and your skin should be bright so you need to know the routine of skin care before the feast, follow us in this article ..

Steps to take care of the skin before the feast

1 – clean the skin

2 – Peeling skin

3 – moisturizing the skin

4- Protect the skin from the sun

5 – Nourishing the skin with the capsules

Skin Care routine before Eid

cleaning the skin

You should choose the appropriate skin lotion for your skin type and clean your skin Deep Cleansing Melatin a day to remove dust and fat and then work a steam bath for the skin to open the pores to work the next steps.

Peeling skin

You can peel your skin with a ready-made peeler or a natural peeler made of sugar and lemon granules to remove blackheads and dead skin. Then make circular movements on all parts of your skin gently and then finish washing your skin with cold water.

  Moisturizing the skin

Choose the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type and moisten your skin well to keep it moist and soft for as long as possible.

Protect the skin from the sun

You should protect your skin from harmful sun rays by putting sunscreen from harmful sun rays before you go out in the sun and you can also put it in the kitchen when you are exposed to heat from the oven and the butogas.

Nourishing the skin with the capsules

Then nourish your skin with natural compresses as follows:

Skin cleaning mask:

Mix yogurt, honey and olive oil in appropriate amounts and put them in your skin for 20 minutes. This nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Skin & Skin Care

Put the cucumber juice and starch and put them on your skin to dry. This catcher will tighten your skin, prevent and nourish it.

And important tips you should know

You should completely dispense cosmetics at this time. The warm atmosphere will lighten the pores of your skin so it will be devastating for you to absorb a lot of cosmetics.

When you wash your face do not dry it too much and call it a little moist, and the facial creams do not achieve the desired goal on dry skin, water helps them achieve their goals.

Do not exaggerate the amount of day cream or moisturizing cream you use after cleansing your skin, the most important of the amount of the process of distribution well on your skin to get your skin an equal amount of cream.

Now that we have discussed the skin care routine before Eid, we hope you enjoy a shiny and fresh skin ♥

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