Six main reasons for weight loss failure

In the pursuit of the ideal body and healthy healthy body Harmonious many women to follow diets diets that may not achieve the desired results of the result of the practice of several errors and may lead to the disease and multiple health problems.

The following are some of these mistakes when you follow the diet to know and avoid:

Soft drinks :

Everyone knows the extent of the damage caused by the body and especially in weight gain, but some think that the light types are healthy and this is not true, first they do not contain enough nutrients and it makes your consumption of sugars increases and therefore replace them with natural juices, Lemonade.

Haste to lose weight:

In order to be healthy and true weight loss and does not cause injury to the body and the various health problems must be done slowly and slowly and be by reducing the amounts of food eaten and not to prevent them as well as exercise activities and stay away from the causes of psychological problems and so do not be hasty And be patient, it will take a long time.

Inappropriate diet:

Some women follow harsh food regimens in the hope that they will quickly lose weight, but this works for a short time and does not last until the end because the body will not tolerate the nutrients that are deprived of it. Also, moving away from the beloved foods permanently causes the psychological trouble. Diet to burn more calories.

Proper layout mode:

Many do not make proper plans or do not make any plans for the diet. You should list the favorite foods, the time to prepare each meal, the foods that contain all the nutrients that the body needs, and the vegetables and fruits. Whole grains and water.

Low fat food:

It is not perfectly healthy as many think it makes the body in need of more sugars as it does not fill the hunger and contain high amounts of sugar and therefore should be addressed in a balanced and non-proliferation of them.

Miss Meals:

In contrast to what some may think that abstaining from eating a meal contributes to reducing the amount of food and thus to lose weight faster, not eating a meal will lead to eating more in the next meal and deprive The body of the nutrients it needs.


It should contain fresh vegetables and have no additives because the latter is the reason for the addition of calories and fats and does not lead to the required results, such as spices, sauces and oils add to the calories and fats and sugars many can not be burned or absorbed by the body It stores it leading to weight gain.

As always, care should be taken to consult your physician so that you can find the ideal methods for you and your physical condition.

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