Simple ways to overcome anorexia in children

The lack of appetite in children and the lack of desire to eat and thin The problem of many mothers with their children, and nutrition expert Gaza Hilal Some simple tips that you can overcome the problem of lack of appetite for children to eat

It is known that the child in this age between one to five years, not gaining weight as it gained in the first year .. As the growth rate fell in this age, they do not need the same amount of food in the first year, so they have twice the normal appetite .

The child in this age eats as much as he needs, though. Many mothers forced their children to eat them for fear, and this is not true, even forcing children to eat leads to the loss of # fun in eating and therefore weak appetite For.

Expected Result:

Let your child be responsible for the amount of food you eat. Then the child will be less upset at the time of the meal and you will be worried about the health of the child in a period of two to four weeks and when the child grows his appetite will improve.

Steps to help your child regain his appetite:

1 – Let your child the freedom to eat what he wants and trust your child’s appetite, as the most important reason for the unwillingness of the child to eat is the abundance of snacks.

2 the feet of your child snacks only when asked and more progressive than two meals when they feel thirsty and give her water .. If the child does not feel hungry, there is no harm that you do not eat a single meal and Stlhzin he regained his appetite for the next meal.

2 – Do not feed your child if he is going to eat himself. You have to resist your desire to take the spoon and fill it with food and force your child to eat. Once the child can hold the spoon, he will eat when he is hungry.

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