Simple ways to get rid of insomnia tried and fast

Picture of a girlMany people suffer from sleep disorders that make them not have the right amount of sleep. Which affects their physical and psychological health, and the reasons for lack of sleep, which are robbed by the grace of getting enough sleep from comfortable, and through the following lines simple ways to get rid of insomnia tried and fastInsomnia is a lack of sleep or cut or drop, which is a negative impact on the patient’s mental health and physical. It is also the complaint of not getting a comfortable sleep during the night, which affects the activity of the injured during the day. Insomnia makes the person suffer from difficulty sleeping, or difficulty in continuing, or waking up early, and inability to go back to sleep, and sometimes accompanied by a feeling of fatigue after waking up.Picture of a manAcute insomnia: This type is short term where it lasts for a few days or a week and usually occurs as a result of stress or stress or traumatic events such as: thinner exam night, or after hearing bad news. Many people experience this kind of transient sleep disorder, and solve the problem without the need for treatment. 
Chronic Insomnia: Sleep disturbance means at least three nights a week and lasts for at least three months. Insomnia may be the underlying problem, or it may be related to a health condition, psychological problem or medication.A young man

The lack of sleep several reasons summarized by Dr. Hassan Shamsi Pasha in several points are:

  •  Anxiety and stress: It is the most common cause of insomnia, and the causes of anxiety may be related to bad news heard by people during their day, or because of poverty, or the causes may be marital problems.
  •  Suffering from a disease. The treatment of insomnia in this case will be in the treatment of the underlying disease.
  •  Eating a heavy meal before bedtime: This leads to indigestion that causes insomnia.
  •  Smoking: Nicotine in tobacco is known to be an exciting substance for the brain, which can cause insomnia, not to mention its serious health problems.
  •  Drink coffee or tea just before bedtime; coffee or tea after 7pm can cause insomnia.
  •  Noise; some people can not sleep because of the noise around it.
  •  Working at night; this occurs when pilots, nurses and staff are in varying periods of the day.
  •  Hypnotic drugs. The use of hypnotic drugs causes a disturbance in blood quality and may cause drowsiness during the day.
  • Lack of physical exertion, increased insomnia when working in offices or who do not make a great physical effort.

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  •  Sleep deprivation increases the risk of chronic diseases. Studies and research indicate that the majority of people with insomnia or lack of sleep are at increased risk for chronic diseases such as heart problems, blood vessels, arrhythmia, Blood pressure, or diabetes.
  •  Lack of sleep causes aging of the skin. Those who sleep poorly always suffer from withering and skin bleaching, swelling of the eyelids, increased skin wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes. Due to increased cortisol hormone, a stress hormone that inhibits the production of collagen and affects the elasticity of the skin.
  • Lack of sleep reduces sexual desire. Many studies indicate that lack of sleep reduces sexual desire in both men and women due to lack of energy, frustration and tension.
  •  Lack of sleep leads to weight gain, lack of sleep and late sleep increases the feeling of hunger and leads to the desire for unhealthy foods, especially sugars, in addition to the lack of energy for exercise, which leads to weight gain.
  •  Lack of sleep caused , and according to many studies lack of sleep increases the rate of chronic depression significantly.
  •  Lack of sleep affects the ability to think. People can not work well after a night of lack of sleep, and often suffer at work or school as a result. 7 / drowsiness causes accidents, little sleep and drowsiness caused in many tragic incidents.

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Ingredients of the recipe:

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The most important tips you should follow to get rid of insomnia

  • Relaxation. Relaxation before sleep relieves negative thoughts, negative impulses, and wheezing positive impulses that excite anxiety and tension, such as reading sleep calls or practicing yoga, and not thinking of anything negative.
  •  Breathe properly for five minutes.
  • Ablution before bed and bed three times.
  • Re-arranging the bedroom and preparing the bed for the perfect comfort, and change the light Perhaps the light, whether faint or strong cause of insomnia, and it is healthy to sleep a person in a dark room dark without lighting.
  •  Changing sleep habits. Reducing sleep at daytime and committing to early sleep on a regular daily basis greatly reduces the incidence of insomnia.
  •  Minimize the consumption of stimulants such as coffee, smoking and caffeine-containing substances in the evening.
  •  Treatment of diseases that cause lack of sleep, such as pain in the teeth, joints, headaches and stomach pains.
  •  Give the self a quantity of optimism and reduce the anxiety, stress and negative thoughts that cause depression.
  • To go to bed immediately when you are feeling sleepy.
  • Do not eat too much before bedtime.
  •  Take lukewarm water closer to cold, and drink soothing milk, before going to sleep.

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Anise comes at the top of the drinks, which helps relax the muscles of the body, the 
mint drink removes abdominal cramps, and the coriander releases gas and bulges. Parsley, chamomile, thyme, marjoram and camomile are drinks that help relax the muscles but are less effective than anise. Banana Carnation »to reduce the effect of coffee as a stimulant. 
A cup of honey milk is “cold or hot with the same calming effect.” Calcium helps relax the muscles. Antioxidants, however, calm the activity of the brain, because it combines with active oxygen in the blood, reducing the speed of electrical charges, and antioxidants are available in vitamin C. Colored, so recommend a nutritionist, to eat lemon juice, orange, lettuce juice with tomatoes and celery.
«Drink yeast milk is an ideal drink and quick to get rid of insomnia», because it achieves the condition of sleep, milk helps to relax muscle and yeast calm the activity of the brain. 
The carrot juice, apple and banana juice with milk in addition to almonds and hazelnuts, contains the substance of tryptophan, a natural drug substance, not addictive. 
Unlike previous drinks, cinnamon and cinnamon are the most important natural stimulant drinks, useful for those who suffer from laziness and sleepiness, unlike coffee drinks. And black carbonated beverages, “cause real addiction, even if we call it the word reliability” which is considered by d. Caffeine is a stimulant for the mind, and it becomes more dangerous to the pregnant mother, “because it increases the nervousness and movement of the fetus”
Walk for an hour a day, then a warm bath, refrain from afternoon drinks, and take one of the soothing drinks before sleeping for half an hour, until they are absorbed.

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