Simple tips to teach your child to walk

Education of children walking begins when the child is the tenth month and here are some simple tips to teach your child walking:

First : choose one of his favorite game and put it just a few steps away from it and make sure there is something that can be based on it until it reaches the game and then encourage it to get it.

Second : Make sure that there is a heavy carpet under your child because it may fall and hit his head on the ground so you have to make sure of his safety, as you have to stay with him in the room and leave him alone and remove anything that could collide with him.

Thirdly, you can also use the walkers because they train your child to walk gradually, but first make sure that it is safe for your child to not fall.

Fourth, you can hold your child’s hand to train him to walk a few steps and then gradually move his hand to take a step alone and so on to walk alone.

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