Simple tips to control weight in pregnancy

It seems obvious to many that they gain weight during pregnancy, but researchers at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in California have reduced the risk of complications during pregnancy by helping obese women lose weight.

Researchers began studying 114 obese women and asked them to attend weekly group sessions to talk about weight, to maintain daily food, and set themselves specific caloric goals.

The American researcher Kim Viscu said they found that women who participated in weight management intervention gained less weight during pregnancy than those who were in the usual care group and ended up with a healthy pregnancy.

The study found some tips to help pregnant women overcome weight gain during pregnancy:

Talk to your doctor about the weight you should only increase and set a goal at the beginning of pregnancy.

2 – divide the nutrients you get daily to half of fruits and vegetables and a quarter of healthy protein such as chicken and fish or low-fat beef, and another quarter with carbohydrates and legumes.

Eat healthy fats such as those found in olive oil, avocado or salmon.

4 – Eat regular meals and snacks healthy between small meals.

5- Reduce sweets and soft drinks, and replace them with water.

6 – Exercise light for 30 minutes a day, after consulting with a doctor.

Source: Al Watan

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