Simple steps to overcome thirst in Ramadan

With the length of fasting in the summer nearly 15 hours a day thirsty feeling, especially with the loss of the body as a lot of water from the summer heat, and water is a vital element that enable the body to do the food, and here are the most important tips and

1 – Interest in drinking water after breakfast at the rate of a cup every hour

2 – Do not eat foods that contain a large proportion of spices and spices during the meal Suhur

3 – Stay away from breakfast on eating foods and salty foods and pickles, because they increase the need for the body to water, preferably instead of vegetables cooked, such as beans and zucchini, and prefer to eat meat either boiled or grilled for easy digestion.

4 – to increase the intake of power, because they contain nutrients, moisturizing and useful and rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins that provide the body with the vitality and activity and water necessary for him, and the power of full nutritional value consists of parsley, celery and cucumber, tomatoes, onions and cauliflower and other kinds of vegetables countless.

5 – Eat vegetables and fresh fruits at night and at dark, because they contain large amounts of water and fiber, which remain time in the intestine for a long time, reducing the feeling of hunger and thirst.

6 – a lot of fluids that help to moisturize the body, such as licorice, tamarind and hibiscus, because it destroys many microbes in the digestive system.

7 – Avoid all things that increase the proportion of sweat produced by the body, such as exercise, and direct exposure to sunlight at peak time

8 – Experts confirm that the melon of summer fruit useful in the days of fasting, where dozens of varieties of vegetables and meat is enriched, because of the effect of a gentle on the stomach, in addition to the wealth of many elements that are sufficient for human needs of water, vitamins and minerals throughout the day, Hot summer.

9 – Bathing using lukewarm water and soap, this method helps maintain body moisture; it also works to cool the body, and soap is important in opening the pores of closed race.

10. Replace tea and coffee with non-caffeine drinks such as flowers, cinnamon, cinnamon, ginger or caffeine-free coffee.

11. Avoid drinking soda as an alternative to water at breakfast because it does not moisturize the body Conversely, reduce drinking water.

Eat a cup of yoghurt or yoghurt at breakfast and Suhur helps you digestion and gives the body a positive card to make you more active and able to resist hunger and thirst in Ramadan. So do not be distracted from them.

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