Signs and symptoms of pregnancy within the first few days

Signs and symptoms of early pregnancy vary greatly among women, some women show symptoms of pregnancy during the early days of pregnancy, while others do not learn to pregnancy only after pregnancy months of special recieving from the strikes of the menstrual cycle and the habit of delay, and the symptoms of pregnancy varyfrom one woman to another Most women have symptoms of early pregnancy and some may have one or two definite signs of pregnancy. Pregnancy can be easily confirmed by a home pregnancy test and a visit to a doctor is recommended, and “Your Health Today” presents themost common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy .

Discontinuation of menstrual cycle

Discontinuation of the menstrual cycle is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy, where pregnancy leads to the failure of the next menstrual cycle in the expected time, knowing that there are some other cases that lead to interruption of the menstrual cycle with no pregnancy, such as the occurrence of menstrual disorders or approaching Of menopause or stop taking oral contraceptives suddenly and without consulting a doctor.


Feelings of nausea and vomiting are one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy , although some women do not feel during pregnancy. Nausea usually begins after the first week of pregnancy and continues during the first three months of pregnancy and occurs as a result of high levels of estrogen causing Disorders of the wall of the stomach and the excess sensitivity of some odors, which makes the pregnant desire to vomit.

Chest changes

The feeling of pain in the breast area with the feeling of some swelling that appears after a week of pregnancy and is similar to what is exposed to women before the advent of the menstrual cycle is one of the signs of pregnancy is confirmed , which is the result of the change in the hormones of the body after pregnancy to stimulate the glands in the breast area Immediately after birth.

Fatigue and constant fatigue

The urge to sleep with the feeling of fatigue occurs during the first week of pregnancy as a result of the change in the level of hormone progesterone and feel pregnant inability to exert effort and increase the number of hours of sleep a day, which is one of the first signs of pregnancy may encounter the pregnant.

Increased urination

Increasing the blood flow to the kidneys as a result of hormonal changes and the readiness of the uterus to receive the fetus leads to a lot of pressure on the bladder, which makes the woman desire to urinate frequently, and the increase in the number of urination of common pregnancy symptoms that increase with progress in pregnancy and feel pregnant in the last months of pregnancy desire Peeing with no water out of us as a result of pressure on the bladder

Pregnancy pregnancy

The lust of some foods or the ball of others and the change in the sense of smell in women is what is known as “flesh” is one of the signs of pregnancy and the first sure that may continue with the pregnant during the first three months of pregnancy, and must look to what you desire in the sense that may crave some foods or Some pregnant women crave to eat too many pickles, which causes them to become infected with preeclampsia or others crave to eat too much during the first months of pregnancy, which also causes them to become pregnant. However, Pregnancy symptoms Dah and common.

Finally, expect pregnant women to wait until the arrival of the menstrual cycle and work to test home pregnancy to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy and then should follow the periodic pregnancy at the doctor with the need to commit not to overzealous effort until the first stage of pregnancy safely.

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