Signs and symptoms of pregnancy after abortion

Abortion is a painful experience. Most miscarriages occur during the first three months of pregnancy even before some women know that they are pregnant. They can be pregnant again after having an abortionand enjoy a peaceful pregnancy without problems, but what are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy after abortion? 
Your Health Today offers the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy you may encounter

Some drops of blood

One of the signs of early pregnancy that most women may feel is the presence of some drops of blood in the underwear after about a week of pregnancy as a result of the implantation of the egg inside the wall of the uterus, which leads to the descent of some drops of blood and sometimes accompanied by the feeling of some uterine contractions and colic intermittent And sometimes weak.

Feeling of pain in the breast

Leads pregnancy to some hormonal changes in the body, which paves the way for the arrival of the new baby, you may feel some of the ladies with some pain and Alugz in the breast area and is similar to the pain before the advent of the menstrual cycle with a sense of the weight of the chest and often occurs after a week of pregnancy and is one of the early signs of pregnancy .

Absence of menstrual cycle

Absence of the menstrual cycle or interruption is one of the most common signs of pregnancy , change in the lining of the uterus to prepare for the arrival of the new baby and implantation of the egg inside the uterus may lead to the descent of some blood drops at the time of the menstrual cycle, but be a few and for a simple period and differ from the blood associated with the menstrual cycle, One of the most important signs of pregnancy for women of fertile age who do not suffer from disorders in their menstrual cycle.

The tendency to vomit in the morning

The feeling of nausea after waking up in the morning and the desire for some time to go to bed are considered signs of pregnancy that may last up to the first three months of pregnancy. These symptoms usually start from the first to the fourth week of pregnancy, according to each pregnant woman. Some pregnant women may have nausea for a few periods daily. Others may persist throughout the day, and the tendency to vomit in pregnancy must be handled carefully so as to avoid pregnancy problems.

frequent urination

The desire for gold in the bath with frequent urination is one of the signs of pregnancy that appeared during the fourth week of pregnancy with the beginning of the size of the fetus. This is due to the large size of the uterus around the fetus even in the first stage, which puts pressure on the urinary bladder and feels the desire to enter the bathroom every period. , And with the size of the uterus during the stages of pregnancy you have increased that desire.

Idle and desire to sleep

As a result of changes in the level of hormones in the stages of pregnancy and the rise of progesterone leads to a feeling of weakness and fatigue continued with the increasing desire to sleep for long periods of the day on the unusual and is considered an early pregnancy symptoms .

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