Signs and symptoms of birth and early onset

Ask a reader about signs and symptoms of birth and early onset of birth and birth of natural?

Dr. Ibtisam Mustafa says that waiting for the new baby, especially with the arrival of the pregnant woman in the ninth month, where it differs from one woman to another depending on the physical and psychological condition, and often there are some symptoms and signs promising birth date.

– The feeling of persistent pain and abdominal pain, back and contractions similar to menstrual cramps with the emergence of some vaginal secretions.

– Sense of weight as the fetus moves down the pelvis as the contractions start and increase

– Increase the number of urine urination m gold for the bath

– Sense of exhaustion and nausea after things were going well due to hormonal change, which occurs in late pregnancy to begin the process of birth

– The emergence of vaginal secretions as a result of the exit of the plug with the approach of birth a few hours

– The number of contractions of the uterus accelerated and the short period of time as the date of birth

– Feeling normal breathing, such as before pregnancy with fetus down to the uterus, thus reducing the pressure on the diaphragm and disappear difficulty during breathing

– Frequent sweating especially with the approach of birth materials

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