Serve the hot soup to reduce between 4 to 7 kg per week

Soup diet is effective in weight loss in a safe and effective way, depending on the multitude of foods that have the ability to burn more calories

Thermal, does not require a sport during the dieting period.

There are two basic rules in the work of raisin soup , which is the complete abstinence from drinking soft water and even diet and drink at least ten

Glasses of water a day.

How to make a hot soup:

Soup of cabbage or hot soup for its work You need 
– six onions – 
garlic cloves 
– green green pepper 
– two tomatoes 
– large cabbage or cabbage

How to fix cabbage or soups soup

Place all previous ingredients in a large bowl, fill with water, boil thoroughly for 45 minutes, and place a chicken soup cube

Drink from the soup daily and all ingredients can be placed in the blender and crushed to be like lentil soup.

Chicken Soup or Cabbage Soup, Day 1 (Open Fruit Day)

You can eat all kinds of fruit beloved to you and any amount of counting bananas and advised to multiply of watermelon, melons and apples and eat hot soup in exchange with drinking water in abundance.

Chicken Soup or Soup of Cabbage, Day 2 (Open Vegetable Day)

You can eat any type of vegetables provided that it is without fat and sauce and you can put the vegetables you liked in the cabbage soup and eat them all day.

Chicken Soup or Cabbage Soup, Day 3 (Open Fruits and Vegetables Day)

You can combine the first and second day of the diet from eating all kinds of fruit except bananas with vegetables and cabbage soup

Chicken Soup or Cabbage Soup, Day 4 (Banana and Milk Day)

On this day you can eat eight grains of bananas and drink three cups of milk with a lot of hot soup and drink plenty of water throughout the day, and you can put

Bran or Rose on milk to regulate bowel movement

Chicken Soup or Cabbage Soup, Day 5 (Protein Day)

On this day, you can eat protein from two pieces of meat or grilled chicken breast, or three grilled fish with a large amount of grilled fish.

Soup and water.

Chicken Soup or Cabbage Soup, Day 6 (Protein and Vegetable Day)

You can eat protein and vegetables in the day by choosing any grilled meat with boiled vegetables in cabbage soup and be careful to drink water


Soup of the soup or cabbage soup, the seventh day (the day of vegetables and fruit juices)

On this day you can take a mixture of fresh fruit juice without sugar with all kinds of different vegetables and a burning cabbage soup for fat.

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