Secondhand smoke damage to the holder

Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits that causes more than 1 billion people worldwide to suffer from complex health problems. Millions of people die every year from the effects of secondhand smoke. People who are most affected by the symptoms of passive smoking are pregnant women and the fetus because of the vulnerability of the mother and the fetus. Secondhand smoke damage to the holder.Damage to smoke inhalation of the holder

Passive smoking and damage

The presence of smokers in your environment causes many diseases and problems, especially in poorly ventilated and closed areas. Therefore, countries have enacted laws banning smoking in public places such as public transport, supermarkets, government departments and restaurants. Represented in:

  • Respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma.
  • Feeling vomiting and nausea when inhaling tobacco smoke.
  • The incidence of atherosclerosis and blockage of blood vessels.
  • Cardiovascular clots.
  • The sudden death of children as a result of the inhalation of poisons in cigarette smoke such as nicotine and tar, and the lack of oxygen to about half, resulting in the fetal strangulation and death.
  • Poisoning due to increased toxic carbon monoxide in the blood.
  • Shortness of breath and lack of oxygen.
  • Cancer.
  • Increase the percentage of toxins in the body, because the smoke of one cigarette, contains about 4000 toxic chemicals, vary the severity of toxicity, such as cyanide and carbon monoxide.

Passive smoking of pregnant women

Secondhand smoke damage to the holder

When a pregnant woman inhales cigarette smoke, she presents herself and her child with many risks such as:

  • The negative effect on fetal development, which leads to the birth of children with a weight less than the normal weight, and therefore the need to keep it in nurseries to ensure its safety.
  • The possibility of the mother’s heart disease and atherosclerosis, leading to the occurrence of heart clots, which cause death.
  • Cause the death of the fetus due to lack of oxygen necessary for the mother, causing abortion.
  • Premature birth.

Prevention of secondhand smoke

Tips for preventing the harmful effects of passive smoking

  • The pregnant mother must immediately leave the place where a smoker is located.
  • Emphasize that couples should stop smoking at home or quit altogether, so as not to harm the child before and after childbirth, because children are more vulnerable to complications of passive smoking, because of the weakness of their immune system.
  • The pregnant mother is advised to always be in open and well ventilated places.
  • Avoid sitting in cafes and indoor, because air pollution in these places harms the mother and fetus together strongly.

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