Scorched soup to lose weight

Many women seek behind the dream of beauty and beauty so I offer you my lady in an article today a new diet is a diet of hot soup to remove grease and fat from the body to burn more calories and clean the body of impurities this diet for a week after that you find yourself have lost 7 Cleo ..

First method of preparing a hot soup:

Ingredients: 6 green onions, 2 green peppers and 1 tomato paste (tomato sauce) parsley package coriander package celery, cabbage, onion soup, salt pinch, pepper and pepper brush as desired.

Preparation: Cut all vegetables into equal pieces and then put on fire and add water, soup, butter and salt (soup can be replaced with ready soup if you want) then boil the soup for 10 minutes on high heat and then reduce the heat until it becomes Vegetables are fresh, then eaten.

You can eat this soup every time you feel hungry, lunch or dinner when you want the brown toast.

This soup is characterized by the fact that it does not add calories and prevents diseases of malnutrition, rich in dietary fiber, and now the program of raisin soup:

First day :

Eat vegetables All regular and boiled vegetables Prefer to choose leafy vegetables to contain high percentages of dietary fiber that have a role in the sense of satiety and help in the process of weight loss In addition to the soup You can eat dinner with boiled potatoes or grilled

the second day :

Eat all fruits except bananas, melons, melons, soup, water, green tea, and one cup of coffee without sugar. Reduce sugary fruits such as mangoes and grapes.

the third day : 

 Bananas and skimmed milk In addition to the hot soup on this day will be based on the active potassium and sugar in the body can eat 4 bananas.

the fourth day :

Eat fruit with vegetables such as the first day and the second in addition to soup, while avoiding eating potatoes enough vegetables and fruit ..

The fifth day :

Protein Day Eat a slice of beef with tomatoes, about 500 grams of beef with sliced ​​tomatoes or tomato paste (ketchup). In addition to boiling soup, do not forget to drink plenty of water to remove the uric acid.

the sixth day :

A slice of chicken breast with leafy vegetables in addition to the hot soup and water in large quantities can be either chicken breast 500 grams or steak 500 grams as desired, the two have the same effect.

the seventh day :

Brown rice or brown rice with a sugar-free fruit juice or vegetable juice as well as a scorching soup with one dish.

Forbidden foods with this system:

– Do not eat white bread or Asmar and not any kind in that diet.

– Not to drink soft drinks and not even energy drinks and dieting juices.

– Avoid sugar altogether.

If you like change, you can eat grilled fish instead of chicken and meat. You can replace the days with each other as desired.

– Sense of psychological comfort and self-stress and exposure to pressure only relax

When you do this, you will lose 6 to 7 billion grams.

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