Scientists are testing a new vaccine that is effective against all types of flu

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has announced that its researchers are conducting a human test on the first vaccine of its kind to target influenza of all kinds and strains.

The researchers will inject 53 healthy adults aged 18-70 years with the vaccine and then monitor their immune response for 12-15 months.

The researchers aim to develop a comprehensive vaccine against influenza that gives people long-term immunity. This experimental vaccine has been designed to attack certain components that are common to many types and strains of the influenza virus, regardless of the mutations that may occur and therefore modify its composition. If such a vaccine is successful, it may lead to the referral of existing influenza vaccine types to retirement.

Current influenza vaccines reduce the risk of influenza by only 40-60%, as experts rely on guessing the most common species or breeds this season to design a vaccine that targets them. One vaccine can not protect more than 3-4 types of influenza virus. While there are 29 different types of influenza A alone, and the number of species may increase further if taking into account other influenza types B, C and D.

Researchers are expected to start announcing their test results next year, God willing.

Source: American National Institute of Health, The Insider, and other news agencies.

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