Scientists are able to create a patch that can reduce damage after a heart attack

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – An innovative patch can prevent heart muscle spasm that occurs after a heart attack, according to a recent study.

The heart attack occurs when the amount of blood flowing to the heart is reduced due to the blockage of one of the arteries that feed it, which damages the heart muscle, which depends on the extent of the arterial blockage and the area of ​​the heart affected by the blockage.

This patch is an adhesive piece made of aqueous gel, developed using computer stimulation. This patch can attach directly to the heart and reduce the damage of the heart attack because it provides mechanical support for him, giving him greater chance of recovery.

Experiments in mice have shown the effectiveness of this patch to reduce the burden on healthy cardiac muscle cells, to resist adverse changes in the heart after a heart attack, to reduce the risk of death, and to form harmful scar tissue.

Researchers believe that further studies should be conducted on this patch before moving on to humans.

 Source: Medical News Today

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