Scientists announce “printing” the first miniature version of a full functional heart using real human cells

Scientists reported that they were able to print the first miniature version of three-dimensional heart functional by using a three-dimensional printer based on is taken vital ink weave a real human, which could open the door to the production of ‘spare parts’ for the heart, or even cultivate the entire heart of the future without facing the risk of rejection Body of the plant.

According to the researchers, it took about 3 hours to print the small heart (no more than 2.5 cm). This heart is the first functional heart in all its chambers and blood vessels, and is fully compatible with the person who used tissue to print it.

The researchers said they took tissues fat from the patient, then they separate them to cellular and non-cellular components, and then was re-programming cells to turn into stem cells and then into cardiac cells, while used material non-cellular Khabr gelatinous vital to the process of printing.

It has a printing process in the laboratories of Tel Aviv University, and so used a three-dimensional printer, a huge send-minute package of bio-ink to pot a small cube containing a nutrient liquid, where it is a new heart.

According to researchers, the new mini heart cells need an extra month to mature and become able to pulse, and then it will be the heart experiment on animals, without a timetable for the current experiment on humans. If you want to print a full-size heart, it may take a whole day and billions of human cells, while researchers are currently using several million cells to produce this small heart. But this technique can be used to produce certain parts of the heart (such as valves) and replace them with damaged parts without the risk of a vital rejection or need to use immunosuppressants.

The results of the study were published on 15 April in the journal of Advanced Sciences. The full paper can be found on the following link:

Source: Advanced Sciences

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