Salmon with lemons

A healthy diet food that can be served in a meal for all types of diet, protein content or fish in the diet diet.Salmon with lemons

1-4 pieces of medium-sized salmon. 
2-3 tablespoons virgin olive oil. 
3 – Half suspended salt. 
4 – Half suspended black pepper. 
5. Suspension of Razumari. 
6- 8 pieces of lemon slices. 
7- One lemon juice. 
8 – 4 foil sheets.

How to make salmon recipe with lemon. 
Prepare salmon pieces, add olive oil, add salt, pepper, rosemary, and stir well in mixture. Place each piece of salmon on aluminum foil.

The lemon slices are placed on top and the aluminum ends are closed so that the salmon pieces are stored and then placed on the grill or charcoal or inside the oven for 10 minutes on

Medium heat and variability on both sides.

Advanced aluminum sheets are opened with salmon slices sliced ​​with toast or the rest of the dish.

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