Replace cow’s milk with this product .. to get rid of the puff

Gastric swelling may occur by eating certain foods in your diet, or by eating too much food at once, but milk may be one of the reasons for feeling the pain of gases trapped in your stomach and intestines. According to nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, cow’s milk causes bloating and gas production, much more than goat’s milk. This is because cow’s milk contains the unsaturated alkaline alpha-S1, while goat’s milk is easy to digest, It is very small.

In an interview with the British newspaper “Express,” Hamilton stressed that eating goat milk can be more beneficial to public health, because unsaturated sugars inside goat milk can act as an antibiotic.

 In addition, the prebiotics component available in goat’s milk helps maintain the health of the digestive tract by encouraging the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, the British Express newspaper reported. 

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