Repeated errors in vaginal care and sensitive areas

Care of the vagina and sensitive areas are essential for women, and some women are in the mistakes to care for sensitive areas do not realize the seriousness, and your health today offers months errors in care areas sensitive to be easily avoided:

Mistreatment of vaginal care and sensitive areas

1. Some women rush to treat themselves by themselves.

When you first feel vaginal inflammation, such as itching and excretions, the woman is quick to treat herself with vaginal or anti-fungal cures, and it is best to always consult your doctor, because the wrong treatment can lead to damage that affects reproductive capacity.

2 – use talcum powder in vaginal hygiene.

This mistake is very common in women because it gives them a sense of dryness and cleanliness, but what they do not know is that the use of this powder continuously increases the chance of ovarian cancer by 30%, and we recommend sweating to wear cotton clothes.

3 – the use of sanitary towels continuously.

This habit may make you susceptible to infections or allergies, because sanitary pads prevent ventilation and keep heat and sweat if used continuously, and using the same towel may cause fungal or bacterial infections.

4 – not to exercise exercises tightening the muscles of the vagina.

These exercises are very important especially after birth to protect women from urinary incontinence, or slackening in the muscles of the vagina, and women can exercise for ten minutes each day.

5. Refraining from practicing marital relations.

Failure to practice the marital relationship for one year or more may impair the health of the vagina for any woman.

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