Remove the rumen after cesarean delivery

After cesarean section , the mother feels some anxiety about the continued appearance of the rumen and abdomen, especially with weight gain during pregnancy. Some women are also concerned about cesarean section and whether it is difficult to get rid of the rumen and abdomen after the operation. Today “a set of tips and steps to help you get rid of the rumen after cesarean section to enjoy a slim body.

First: Eat the vegetables

Suffer some women after cesarean delivery of poor appetite and inability to eat normally , especially special recipies fatty because they cause the feeling of the breath of the abdomen and be the gases, the piece of family medicine experts advise eating rich vegetable fiber cooked steamed or what is known as vegetable trichuria which reduces be gases In the abdomen and helps to get rid of rumen and fat in the abdomen .

Second: a lot of fluids

Water is a vital element in the body and is very important to detoxify the body and lose weight , you should drink plenty of fluids such as water or skimmed milk or drinking herbal tea, it also helps to maintain breastfeeding at its best.

Third: Reduce salt

Salt works to hold fluids in the body and helps to develop pressure diseases after pregnancy and lead to the emergence of fat and the stomach in the stomach, you should replace salt with spices and herbs or natural lemon juice during cooking food is given flavor of salt.

Fourth: Carbohydrate complex carbohydrates

Complex or complex carbohydrates are the ones that take longer in the absorption and thus reduce blood sugar and push the body to burn more fat instead of stored, such as bread, whole grains or whole grains or rice, then choose to replace white bread with bread and if you do not like it You should eat rice and pasta but in small amounts a day and should be avoided before sleeping at least four hours so as not to cause the accumulation of gases and feeling bloating.

Fifth: Five meals a day

Eating less will help you lose weight, which is wrong. Eating five small meals a day helps your body feel full quickly and helps you lose weight quickly. Try to divide your daily meals into five meals. Each meal includes a type of fruit.

Finally: Yogurt before sleeping

Take a cup of yogurt every day before sleeping. It helps to get rid of the digestion period and relaxes the stomach. It is rich in beneficial bacteria that help to get rid of bloating and reduce the appearance of the abdomen and rumen after cesarean section .

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