Remove the dead skin from the feet easily

The problem of dead skin and cracks in the foot of the problems that bother women, especially wearing open shoes, it gives an unacceptable appearance and cause embarrassment, and there are several reasons and factors resulting in the dead skin in the feet and we will know in this article from the site Rajim, Nature recipes for how to remove the dead skin from the feet in the following.

  • Obesity or excess weight: When the weight of the body increases and the fat increases, it increases the pressure on the feet and leads to swelling and the appearance of cracks and dead skin, and the solution in this case is to continue to exercise and follow the appropriate diet, to increase the activity of blood circulation that prevent the appearance of cracks in the foot .
  • Drought: Lack of drinking liquids, especially water, as well as exposure to high temperatures make liquids evaporate in the body, so water must drink at least 8 cups a day divided by the number of hours of the day.
  • Walk the duvet of the saints or stand for a long time, all of these causes the feet to become very rough and increase cracking.

There are many effective natural recipes to eliminate dead skin, including:

In a small bowl, mix an equal amount of almond oil, ginspile oil and some drops . Then wash the foot, dry it thoroughly and massage with the previous oils. After mixing, wear a cotton sock and leave for about 6 hours.

This recipe contains antioxidants that treat cracks and prevent their appearance and make the feet soft and get rid of the dead skin and the availability of multiple in this recipe, which the skin needs to stay healthy.

Where an equal amount of glycerol is mixed with rose water, and massage the foot well with a circular motion, preferably left all night, and will notice the difference from the first time use.

Lemon is one of the best natural substances that works to remove dead skin and cracks from the foot. All vitamins and natural substances in lemon can be taken by soaking the foot in warm water with half a cup of lemon juice. Lemon on the cracks of the foot and wear the cotton socks and left the length of the night, then the foot is washed with warm water and dried in the morning.

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