Remove acidity from the stomach

The acidity of the stomach, which is known as lichen, is one of the most common and common problems facing the whole society. The pain is caused by heartburn in the stomach. It is due to the improper handling of food, which causes problems in the stomach wall. Lead to the emergence of acidity is smoking, immediate sleep after eating.Stomach

The stomach naturally produces a specific amount of liquid consisting of a mixture of caustic substances, the most important of which is an acid called hydrochloric acid, and a group of enzymes and other chemicals that help digest food.This acidic fluid remains in the stomach. The mucous membrane prevents it from damaging its lining. Sometimes, however, it enters the esophagus, the tube that reaches the mouth in the stomach. If the acid stays long in the esophagus, where it should not exist, In his stomach leads to a feeling of burning of the stomach and discomfort. This is known as an increase in acidity of the stomach by burning the mouth of the stomach, or “heartburn”. Some say the term “burning of the chest”.Remove acidity from the stomach

  • Burning in the esophagus and stomach,
  • The sense of satiety,
  • And a sense of indigestion.

Eating fat, not eating properly, sleeping immediately after eating, stomach infection with severe cold, eating between meals and irregular eating, nervous and nervous tension.

. Eat before sleeping for two hours because the position of sleep works to leak acid from the stomach to the esophagus.

. Avoid nervous and nervous tension as much as possible.

. Eat 5 snacks instead of 3 meals, and chew the food well.

. Avoid eating fatty foods, spices and fats.

. And not to eat things hot or too cold.

. The rest of the body on a high pillow.

. Avoid smoking after eating, reducing the secretion of saliva and opening the valve of the protective muscle between the esophagus and stomach.

. Do some light sports including walking.

. Chewing gum works on saliva packaging and protects against acidity.Remove acidity from the stomach

Lettuce : We make juice of lettuce with water and mix it in the mixer and drink so that it works to remove the acidity.

Almond: We take the amount of 10 beads of almonds per day, helps to form a membrane to protect the stomach, and helps digestion.

Cabbage and Potato Mix: Mix two cups of potato juice with cabbage juice or squeeze a potato with water.

: Drink suspended daily before meals, and can be used in cooking instead of oil Almazola.

Licorice : Boil 50 grams of rosemary water for 10 minutes, leave it for five hours, and drink for 21 days, daily for 3 times.

Coconut water : It is one of the most important recipes for burning stomach, can be drunk twice a day, which prevents swelling, and calms the stomach.

Cucumber and melon : They are rich in water, which helps to reduce acid, which helps in the treatment of rheumatism and burning.

Pineapple : It contains protein, which works to equate acidity in the stomach.

Anti-acidity foods : Eating foods that reduce the acidity as much as possible, such as spinach, cabbage, chickpeas, celery, carrots, apples.

Foods that cause acidity : foods that cause and increase acidity such as: fat, garlic, onion, mint, tea and coffee, soft drinks, spice, skim milk.At the end of the statement we find that acidity of the stomach is one of the most disturbing things to humans Bjith feel uncomfortable, and shows us this article the possibility of resolving the problem of acidity stomach (lichen) natural ways without resorting to doctors.Symptoms of acidity of the stomach

  •  Take enough time to eat and chew well, preferably 5 snacks and small, distributed on the day in length, instead of eating 3 large meals.
  •  In the evening, do not go to bed immediately after eating, but you should eat at least two hours before you go to bed, not just before bedtime.
  •  Avoid dishes that are too hot, too cold, and those that are saturated with spices, fat, fried foods, and tangled dishes.
  •  Drink water after each meal, water rinses the acid from the esophagus and reduces acid concentration in the stomach.
  • Sitting after eating, not lying on the couch immediately after eating, horizontal sleep position makes the acid come out of the stomach to the esophagus, preferably walking after eating, as walking helps keep the acid in the stomach.
  • When sleeping, try raising the head over the pillow for a few extra centimeters, or putting an extra number of pillows so gravity can push the food down, reducing the chance of falling back.
  • If you eat a large meal, you should not wear tight clothes, exercise, or carry heavy weights until two hours or more. At least three.
  •  Chewing chewing gum is one of the best ways to avoid acidity, as it works on packing the esophagus in saliva and protecting it from acidic acid, but it is advised not to chew too much chewing gum because it may cause diarrhea, especially mint-flavored chewing gum.
  • Stop smoking, which inhibits the secretion of games, and urges the stomach to excrete acid, and it relaxes the protective muscle (valve) that reaches the esophagus stomach. 
    Get rid of nervous stress, avoid stress as much as you can. 
    In the case of acidity can be done physical therapy, and from the kitchen,

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