Red spots appear in the body

Skin diseases may be a bit dangerous if we do not rush to treat them and know the reasons and methods of prevention, and skin diseases are 
many and varied and different and each of the symptoms and causes of appearance, but may be some gastric It is always advised to visit the doctor quickly 
to find out why the disease appears suddenly in , The spread is the appearance of red spots on the skin, there are many suffer 
from the emergence of these spots suddenly so we decided in this article to take some information about these spots and the reasons for their appearance ..Red spots appear in the body

The red spots that appear on the skin have more than one type and each type is assumed to have more than one reason. There are apparent causes that affect the skin externally. Spots occur. There is a defect in the system inside the body, resulting in the appearance of spots on the outer body. There are two types we will address in detail.

The first type is the appearance of red spots with itching in the body, there are the appearance of red spots without itching …

There are many reasons that appear on the effects of red spots accompanied by itching body, because there is weakness in this region, which has a blood or water pool, it is possible to note red spots scattered throughout the body, or sometimes in a member or two body only .. Reasons External  

  • This can be caused, for example, by exposure to high temperatures and standing under the sun for long periods of time.
  • It is also possible that insect bite, which can lead to minor inflammation of the body, will cause the area to be rubbed for a long time.
  • Third, for example, it may be the reason for taking drugs contrary to the nature of your body without consulting the doctor there are many who have a certain sensitivity of some drugs and when dealt with the occurrence of sporadic red spots in the body.

The above points are external causes caused by the impact of the body external factors surrounding it, but there are some skin diseases that occur internally in the human body cause skin spots .. Internal reasons 

Such as psoriasis, skin disease that occurs as a result of dysfunction in some cells, and there is a famous skin disease called the folds, which occurs as a result of the accumulation of the skin is very severe leads to friction, and there is another skin disease is scabies, which occurs as a result of digging the skin for A small insect road and cause itching in different places in the body for a long time, a disease is very serious and infectious to any person.

Despite the difficulty of the first type because of the associated itching and tightness, and sometimes some pain associated with red spots, but keep the second type 
is the appearance of red spots without itching the body is the most serious, because of sudden appearance and no sense of pain always advised if you appear red spots on the body go to the doctor Directly, there may be more than one reason … reasons 

  • Rheumatic fever, which usually accompanies children or adults who suffer from chronic sore throat and as a result, some red spots occur in the body.
  • Vascular inflammation within the body may cause some red spots in the area and legs.
  • There are also some who do chemotherapy and side effects with red spots.
  • Internal bleeding due to a certain defect in the name may lead to red spots in the body.

Red spots appear in the body

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