Recent study: Teeth whitening strips may be more serious than expected

A recent study found that tooth whitening products, which are based on hydrogen peroxide, may damage the toothache (the middle layer of the tooth wall that is located directly below the port).

Although dental associations, such as the American Dental Association (ADA), warn of the dangers of tooth whitening products, they are looking at temporary damage to gums or tooth allergies, which may be eliminated once dental candidiasis has been discontinued. While other associations may see such products as safe and effective.

Studies on the effect of water on oxygen on teeth have focused on its effect on the port layer, the external layer that protects the tooth, but researchers in the current study focused on the effect of water oxygen on the ivory, the layer formed for most wall age.

The researchers used dipped teeth and treated them using oxygen-containing bleaching strips and according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ie, they left the strips on the teeth for an hour, and the teeth were immersed in artificial saliva during that period. The teeth were then washed for one hour.

The researchers then extracted collagen fibers and other proteins and measured their levels, and compared those ratios with a group of non-bleached teeth.

The researchers found that levels of collagen fibers and other non-collagen proteins were reduced further after each use of teeth whitening tapes.

Although the collagen fibers may be slowly replaced by the dental pulp, the teeth that have been treated with pulmonary removal can not recover the missing collagen fibers. Slow recovery of collagen fibers may not be as rapid as the damage caused by age.

The researchers recommend avoiding tooth whitening unless there is a real problem. Human teeth vary in color exactly as they do in their skin colors, and the color of the teeth alone is not proof of their health or lack thereof.

The results of the study were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It is known that the results of the studies presented in the meetings and scientific forums remain preliminary until published in a scientific journal Court.

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